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Authors A-DAuthors E-HAuthors I-LAuthors M-PAuthors Q-RAuthors SAuthors T-Z
Authors A-DAuthors E-HAuthors I-LAuthors M-PAuthors Q-RAuthors SAuthors T-Z
Authors A-BAuthors C-DAuthors E-FAuthors G-HAuthors I-JAuthors K-LAuthors M-NAuthors O-PAuthors Q-RAuthors S-TAuthors U-Z49th Annual Local Author Exhibit & News
This is the "2014 Local Author Program" page of the "49th Annual Local Author Program" guide.
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49th Annual Local Author Program  

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2014 Local Author Program Print Page

About the Local Author Program

About the Local Author Program

The Local Author Program highlights the intellectual and creative accomplishments of writers in the San Diego region. In its 49th year, the aim of the Program is to bring exposure to local talent and nurture the pursuit of the writing arts in San Diego.

A call for submissions goes out in early September alerting all San Diego county authors who have published books in the current year to submit them.  The annual deadline for submitting book was November 30, 2014.

The Exhibit runs throughout the entire month of February in the lobby of the Central Library.  Participants are invited to attend a special exhibition preview and an author’s reception prior to the public unveiling.  Submitted publications are also exhibited in an Online Exhibit that lasts throughout the year and features author information and photos, book cover images, and title and publishing information.

The San Diego Public Library has long hosted special events for authors including book discussions, writing workshops and author talks, where writers are able to interact directly with their readers as they share, sell and sign their books.  The Local Author Program is presented for reading interest as well as the opportunity to highlight the diverse and abundant talent we have locally.  For more Local Author information please contact

To learn about other events at the San Diego Public Library’s Central Library and 35 branches, find links to numerous additional resources, or search for materials in the Library’s catalog online at or call the San Diego Public Library at (619) 236-5800.



Local Author Program Files

Below are PDF versions of the previous year's Program and Exhibit documents for the Local Author Program.

If you'd like to see photos from the Program of 2013, visit our Photo and Video Gallery.


Congratulations and Welcome Local Authors Published in 2014!



San Diego Local Authors

Published in 2014


The Local Author Program highlights the intellectual and creative accomplishments of writers and nurtures budding writers in the San Diego region. Special programs for authors are held throughout the year including book discussions, writing workshops and author talks, where writers can interact directly with their readers as they share, sell and sign their books.

The 49th Annual Local Author Exhibit for books published in 2014 will run throughout the entire month of February 2015 in the Dickinson Popular Library of the New San Diego Central Library @ Joan Λ Irwin Jacobs Common. Authors participate in an invitational preview reception prior to the public unveiling. Submitted publications are also exhibited in an Online Exhibit that lasts throughout the year and features author information and photos, book cover images, and title and publishing information.



Online Local Author Exhibit 2014

Online Author Exhibit

Local author exhibit image

Local Authors Published in 2014

Below are the local authors who published in 2014 and submitted a photo and cover of their book.

Local Authors, A-B Local Authors, G-H Local Authors, M-N Local Authors, S-T
Local Authors, C-D Local Authors, I-J Local Authors, O-P Local Authors, U-Z
Local Authors, E-F Local Authors, K-L Local Authors, Q-R

Note to Local Authors
: If you sent in photos and don't see them here, please e-mail the editor at


Online Local Author Exhibit A-B

Online Author Exhibit A-B

Local Authors, 2014, A-B

Below are the local authors published in 2014, in alphabetical order, for authors whose last name begins with A through B. Currently, the online exhibit is limited to only authors who have submitted both a photo and cover of their book. Click/select an author's name to go to their listing.

Aviya Afra  |   Vince Aiello  |    Betty Antibus  |     Ron Argo  |     Charlene Baldridge  |   Kylie Beck  |   Keith Bender  |   Thomas Berghage  |   J. Robert Beyster   |   Kevin Brown  |   Doug Brunk  |   Marcia Buompensiero

Aviya Afra
About Aviya  
The author is in the Third Grade and attends The Rhoades School in Encinitas, CA.
Aviya’s book  
  The Three Little Elves
Elves living in Paris sell cookies in order to purchase a coat for their father so he could paint in the park and not get sick.
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Vince Aiello
About Vince  
local author exhibit image

Vince Aiello grew up in upstate New York before moving to Southern California where he attended California Western School of Law. He is admitted to practice law in both New York and California.

Vince’s book  
 local author exhibit image Legion's Lawyers
LEGION, the head of a prestigious San Diego law firm, finds himself in the middle of a turf war between a Mexican drug cartel and a local gangster. When the cartel’s attempt to persuade him fails, all hell breaks loose.
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Betty Antibus
About Betty  
The author is a great-grandmother, world traveler and writer of children stories. Betty lives in San Diego with her family.
Betty’s book  
  Tommy's Halloween Party
The three friends: Tommy Mouse, Mary Cricket and Purdy Mole have a Halloween Party in the pumpkin patch. The party is fun until an unwelcome visitor shows up.
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Ron Argo
About Ron  
Local author exhibit image The author, a decorated war veteran, is an award winning journalist and author of the widely acclaimed novel, Year of the Monkey, and other historical and thriller novels.
Ron’s book  
  The Sum of His Worth
Segregation, corruption and hate are the driving forces in The Sum of His Worth, a tragic tale in the voice of an adventurous, sympathetic youth. This is a heartwarming, stunning story running on almost pure adrenaline.
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Charlene Baldridge
About Charlene  
The author is an award-winning arts journalist, editor, blogger, playwright and poet. She has written about the arts in San Diego since 1978. American composer Jake Heggie ("Moby-Dick," "Dead Man Walking") has set poems from her previous chapbook, "Winter Roses.”
Charlene’s book  
  The Rose in December
Chapbook of poems written following my daughter's fatal diagnosis, during the time she fought to live, 2008-2011. Daughter Laura Morefield was also a poet.
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Kylie Beck
About Kylie  
The author is in the 5th grade at The Rhoades School. This is her 3rd book.
Kylie’s book  
  Flowers: The Coloring Book
A coloring book created for flower lovers.
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Keith Bender
About Keith  
The author is a former US Marine with a BA from SDSU; major in History, minor in Classics. He spends much of his free time hiking trails and mountains throughout the US and is presently working on the second book of the Thrace and the Centaur 4 book series.
Keith ’s book  
  Thrace and the Centaur: The Hundred Handed
Thrace, a week before his 16th birthday, arrived home from an unusual day at school riddled with images of violence. He came home to talk with his mother only to witness her collapse into a coma in the backyard in front of a beautiful woman.
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Thomas Berghage
About Thomas  
The author is co-founder and CEO of NeuWorld Financial, a San Diego based money management firm. A naval officer for twenty-four years, Commander Berghage served as a Navy Research Psychologist working on advanced military systems. 
Thomas’ book  
  Stock Analysis in the Twenty-First Century and Beyond
For years financial analysts have struggled with the fact that practically all of the financial measures used to analyze corporate performance lack predictive power when it comes to forecasting the market performance of the company's stock. 
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J. Robert Beyster
About J. Robert  

The author founded Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) in 1969, and served as chairman and CEO for 35 years.

The book was co-authored by: Peter Economy.

J. Robert’s book  
  The SAIC Solution: Built By Employee Owners
For years financial analysts have struggled with the fact that practically all of the financial measures used to analyze corporate performance lack predictive power when it comes to forecasting the market performance of the company's stock. 
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Kevin Brown
About Kevin  
The author was born in 1960 in Kansas City, Missouri. He is a biographer, essayist and translator. He is currently at work on a family memoir of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920's.
Kevin Brown’s book  
  Ocosingo War Diary: Voices from Chiapas
The first-ever English translation of one writer's 12-day ordeal in the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas, near Guatemala, an eye-witness account of the 1994 New Year's massacre by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.
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Doug Brunk
About Doug  
The author is an award-winning journalist who is a San Diego-based reporter for Frontline Medical News.
Doug’s book  
  Wildcat Memories: Inside Stories from Kentucky Basketball
Wildcat Memories illuminates the intimate connection between the University of Kentucky men's basketball program and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It features personal essays and behind-the-scenes stories from Kentucky legends.
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Marcia Buompensiero
About Marcia  
The Guilded Pen, Third Edition - 2014 is a project of the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild, a non-profit, member-supported organization, dedicated to promoting the writing arts for youth and adults.
Marcia’s book  
  The Guilded Pen, Third Edition - 2014 - Anthology of the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild
The 2014 anthology is a compilation of the various forms of the art. It is a bouquet of ideas—fantasy, whimsy, humor, and romance—often with a twist. Their snapshots of life entice us to ponder the infinite in the moment by amplifying the human spirit.
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Online Local Author Exhibit C-D

Online Author Exhibit C-D

Local Authors, 2014, C-D

Below are the local authors published in 2014, in alphabetical order, for authors whose last name begins with C through D. Currently, the online exhibit is limited to only authors who have submitted both a photo and cover of their book. Click/select an author's name to go to their listing

Lesia Stockall Cartelli  |   Sandra Ceren  |   Susan Chan  |   Marie Chapian  |   Carolyn Clarke  |   Blayney Colmore  |   Bethany Crandell  |   Jane Crane  |   Joan Creech Kraft  |   Jennifer Crittenden  |  Peter V. Czipott   |   Rebecca Daley  |   Fidelia Dawn  |   Gilberto de Murguía  |   Dee DeTarsio  |   Stephanie Diaz  |   Randel Doering  |   C.R. Downing  |   Dan Downs  |   Halina Duraj  

Lesia Stockall Cartelli
About Lesia  
The authour founded Angel Faces®, a unique national nonprofit organization (located in Encinitas, CA) which provides healing retreats and ongoing support for young women with burn/trauma injuries. She has been seen on Dr. Phil Show, CNN, ABC NEWS 20/20, PBS and Associated Press (video and print). 
Lesia's book  
  Heart of Fire
At nine years old, Cartelli was severely burned in a natural gas explosion. In her authentic open voice, Heart of Fire demonstrates how to discover blessings and gifts within our challenges. Throughout her life’s journey and those of the lives she touches, Heart of Fire shares with us the importance of opening our hearts to deeply heal what blocks our life’s journey!
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Sandra Ceren
About Sandra  
Longtime psychologist and author of four volumes in the Dr.Cory Cohen psychological thriller series set on the San Diego coast. Several of her short  have been published in mystery anthologies and non-fiction psychological books. 
Sandra's book  
An artist awakes in an empty house with no memory of her identity or location. Panicked, she searches the room and finds Dr Cory's business card in a purse. While the psychologist/sleuth tries to help the artist revive her memory, Cory's neighbor Rita goes missing. Uncovering Rita's real identity... 
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Susan Chan 
About Susan & Carol  
Susan was a school guidance counselor in New York City. Carol Polakoff was a teacher and worked in high-fashion retail sales. The two met during a mah jongg game after they moved to San Diego, where they both currently live with their husbands. Inspired to write their own novel after a book club discussion, this is the first for each of them.
Susan & Carol's book  
  The Reluctant Brides of Lily Court Lane
Four women, four very different personalities, neighbors on Lily Court Lane, come together over weekly mah jongg games and share the joys and struggles that come with their search for love.  A young couple finds love while searching for a Holocaust survivor, owner of a painting stolen in World War II.
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Marie Chapian
About Marie Chapian  
The author is a New York Times best selling author of over twenty books translated in 17 languages. She has also written under the names Marie Jordan and Marie Giordano. She taught creative writing at Mira Costa College and teaches and speaks at college writing conferences around the country on faith and art. 
Marie's book  
  Talk To Me, Jesus
A hardcover book of meditations in poetry.
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Carolyn Clarke
About Carolyn  
The author is a San Diego Book Award winner and a second-generation yoga and meditation instructor. Since 2002, she has taught yoga and relaxation to over one thousand children and counting. She also trains adults to teach yoga and relaxation to kids. 
Carolyn's book  
  Imaginations 2: Relaxation Stories and Guided Imagery for Kids
The second book in the Imaginations series, Imaginations 2: Relaxation Stories and Guided Imagery for Kids is an essential resource for every parent and teacher who wants to help children learn to calm their bodies and relax their minds. 
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Blayney Colmore
About Blayney  
The author retired from thirty years in parish ministry, the final post being St. James-by-the Sea, La Jolla. He and his wife Lacey, noted interior designer with Ross Thiele & Son, divide the year between rural Vermont and La Jolla. This is his fourth book.
Blayney's book  

Dead Recknoning
Henry, retired Episcopal priest, goes to his attic to clear out a box of his late mother's belongings. When he finds her address/phone book it raises ghosts and demons, one of whom is his dead mother, with whom he fences about issues and demons he's long avoided. 
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Bethany Crandell
About Bethany  
The author writes YA novels because the feelings that come with life's "first" times are too good not to relive again and again. Bethany lives in La Mesa with her husband, two daughters (one of whom is differently-abled) and a chocolate lab with no regard for personal space.
Bethany's book  
  Summer on the Short Bus
Cricket Montgomery has been thrown under the short bus. Shipped off to a summer camp by her father, Cricket is forced to play babysitter to a bunch of whiny kids--or so she thinks. 
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Jane Crane 
About Jane  
The author holds a Master’ss degree in Peace and Justice and is currently working on her doctorate in Oxford, England, on Africa’s widows. She is also the founder of Adopt A Widow. Born in Augusta, Georgia, she was raised in the tender care of African-American maids and babysitters.
Jane's book  
  Half A Piece of Cloth, the Courage of Africa's Countless Widows
Riveting first-hand accounts from widows in seven African countries, many young with young children, exposing their desperate circumstances and courage. In tune with the African way of telling stories. 
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Joan Creech Kraft
About Joan  
The author is a globe-trotting grandmother visiting her children in Berlin, Geneva and Santa Fe regularly. She is an artist who writes short stories for the oil paintings she creates and she completed her BS in nursing at the University of Pennsylvania.
Joan's book  
  Untwined, Joan In the Snake Pit, a Memoir
In Untwined, our stories unfold—the harassment, dishonesty and corruption witnessed during academic mediation, the aftermaths of unrequited love, the story of a love child whose father remained a secret, the making of a successful scientist and the enduring love of a mother.
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Jennifer Crittenden
About Jennifer  
The author earned an MBA in Finance and MIS from the Kelley School of Business, a BA in Linguistics and French with high distinction from Indiana University, a Baccalaureate certificate in Film Studies, and a CELTA diploma from the University of Cambridge.
Jennifer's book  
  You, Not I: Exceptional Presence through the Eyes of Others
Exceptional Presence allows others to see, hear, and feel the whole you. Feeling stuck at work? Is your potential being underestimated? Have a new job and know you have to raise your game? Do you suspect you don't come across well and don't know why? 
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Peter V. Czipott
About Peter  
The author is a San Diego physicist, literary translator and patron of the arts.
Peter's book  
  All that Still Matters at All
Selected poems by Miklos Radnoti (1909-1944), great poet and Holocaust victim, translated from the Hungarian.
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Rebecca Daley
About Rebecca  
Rebecca Daley attends The Rhoades School and is in the second grade.
Rebecca's book  
A story about the Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra.
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Fidelia Dawn
About Fidelia  
In 2010 F. Y. Dawn decided it was time to cultivate her love for writing. She pulled out her laptop and dove in never looking back. Completing her first novel, Serenity of Passion, brought so much joy and sense of fulfillment that she was determined to continue. 
Fidelia's book  
What the Heart Wants
What happens when your world’s been shattered? Who do you turn to when the people you love suddenly don’t love you? Can you rebuild trust and restore a relationship when it’s your own lies and indiscretions that destroyed them? Meme Wright has to figure it out. 
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Gilberto de Murguía
About A. Gilberto  
Born in Mexico City, Gilberto is the author of 14 books and countless articles. He is a resident of San Diego where he works on his latest project.
A. Gilberto's book  
  13 Cuentos de Terror y Mucho Miedo
Written in Spanish, in 13 Cuentos de Terror y Mucho Miedo the reader and the characters confront the reality of terror and fear, wondering if the events were true or only some inexplicable occurrence.
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Dee DeTarsio
About Dee  
The author is a TV writer living in southern California. After growing up in Ennui, Ohio, and graduating from The Ohio State University, she vowed never to be cold again (in a tantrum more worthy of Suellen than Scarlett) and ended up in Tucson, Arizona, producing the news for the CBS affiliate, oddly enough called KOLD-TV. 
Dee's book  
  Ginger Krinkles
Ginger Krinkles is crossing her fingers that this holiday season will be extra special, for once. She lost her job in San Diego and dreads moving back home to Ennui, Ohio, where she's convinced she will end up like her mean ol' grandmother (God rest her soul). 
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Stephanie Diaz
About Stephanie  
The author, 22 years old, graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in film production. Extraction is her first novel.
Stephanie's book  
A fearless girl wins an escape from a brutal life on her planet's surface, only to find herself battling to save the entire planet from destruction.
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Randel Doering
About Randel  
The author, has a BA in creative writing and an MA in anthropology. He has published 19 short stories in the small press and semi-pro magazines and has won honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest.
SRandel's book  
  Indian Spirits
A mentally ill homeless man takes on a supernatural serial killer in this murder mystery set in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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C.R. Downing
About C.R.  
The author is a nationally recognized science teacher who's been spinning tales for over 30 years. Now retired, he’s pursuing his other passion - writing.
C.R.'s book  
  Traveler's HOT L
Take a trip through time. Better yet, take EIGHT trips along the fabric of time by means of one of Earth’s two Harmonic Overlapping Time Location. Each story reveals a unique use of the HOT L.
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Dan Downs
About Dan  
The author had a thirty year career as an executive in professional baseball, football and horseracing before joining his brother and other partners as founders of NTN Communications. University Los Angeles.
Dan's book  
  Broken but Born Again
The true story of Bryan Killingsworth. It is a very personal and inspirational story about atonement, redemption and old fashioned American grit and is revealed against the backdrop of the Oklahoma City Bombing, America’s War on Drugs and secret government phone-taps.
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Halina Duraj
About Halina  
The author's stories have appeared in The Sun, The Harvard Review, Fiction, and other literary journals. Her story, "Fatherland," won a 2014 O'Henry Prize. She is an assistant professor of English at the University of San Diego.
Halina's book  
  The Family Cannon
This linked story collection explores the adolescence and early adulthood of a Polish-American girl and her immigrant parents living in Northern California.
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Online Local Author Exhibit E-F


Online Author Exhibit E-F

Local Authors, 2014, E-F

Below are the local authors published in 2014, in alphabetical order, for authors whose last name begins with E through F. Currently, the online exhibit is limited to only authors who have submitted both a photo and cover of their book. Click/select an author's name to go to their listing

Alice Endamne  |   L. Curt Erler  |   Tameri Etherton  |   Lane Ethridge  |   Edith Hope Fine  |   Jack Fisher  |   Renee Fisher  |   David FitzGerald  |   Barbarella Fokos  |   Bonny Forrest    

Alice Endamne
About Alice  
The author is a French author of Gabonese descent who lives in California. A former Fulbright fellow, she graduated from the University of Paris. Alice writes multicultural novels on identity and relationships, as well as children's books.
Alice's book  
  Clever Ashley and Her Friend Erik
Clever Ashley is excited to meet her friend Erik at the playground. But Erik is bored with their usual games and won't play. What will Ashley do?
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L. Curt Erler
About L. Curt  
The author was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. His home is now in San Diego, CA. Curt and his wife Kathleen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in November 2010. His interests include: record collecting, gourmet cooking and is an avid baseball and hockey fan.
L. Curt's book  
  No Hand To Hold
An enduring story of sorrow and the quest for survival. With much of it told in a first-person voice which is authentic and touching. It's visual and sensual power creates the ability to conjure up landscapes so vivid they can make the here and now simply ~ fade away.
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Tameri Etherton
About Tameri  
When not masquerading as a mom and writer, rumor has it the author travels to far off places, drinking tea and finding inspiration for her kickass heroines and the rogues who steal their hearts with her own Prince Charming by her side.
Tameri's book  
  The Stones of Kaldaar (Song of the Swords Book One)
Some say she’s the one of prophecy, that she’ll bring balance to the world. Others say she’s the destroyer, meant to bring an end to Aelinae. They’re both right. Everything Taryn knew was a lie. 
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Lane Ethridge
About Lane  
The author is the founder of Changing Lanes International. He is a national bestselling author, an international business owner, speaker and trainer, radio personality and successful entrepreneur. Life is not about what you accomplish while you live but how you live in your accomplishments.
Lane's book  
  Changing Lanes
Changing Lanes will help you discover the road map that leads to unlocking your true potential. Fear holds us back from living the life we were meant to live. So many of us make the mistake of listening to a world that tells us we are not good enough and will never be anything more than what we are today.
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Edith Hope Fine
About Edith Hope  

The author is an award-winning children's author of 18 fiction and nonfiction books, active in the San Diego Chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrations.

llustrations by Christopher Denise.

Edith Hope’s book  
  Sleepytime Me, Random House. 
Daylight fades and night draws in. As the stars come out in the velvet sky, the wide world settles down, coming ever closer to home, with good-night hugs and kisses for one little sleepyhead.
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Jack Fisher
About Jack  
The author is a UCSD professor emeritus and historian. Stopping the Road is his third third narrative history, a labor of love for California's Eastern Sierra. 
Jack’s book  
  Stopping the Road: The Campaign Against Another Trans-Sierra Highway
An exceptionally well documented recounting of a fifty year battle fought by a coalition of private citizens to stop the building of another road through the pristine wilderness of the Sierra Nevada.
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Renee Fisher
About Renee  
Author. Dream Coach. Media Consultant. Speaker. Founding Editor @DevotionalDiva. Co-Creator @QLConference. @Biolau Grad. Married. Pit bull lover.
Renee’s book  
  Dream Devotional
Dream Devotional is a 40 day devotional of hope for people who have fallen on hard times.
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David FitzGerald 
About David   

The author is Theodore E. Gildred Chair in U.S.-Mexican Relations, Associate Professor of Sociology, and Co-Director of the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at the University of California, San Diego.

Co-author David Cook-Martín is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Grinnell College and director of its Center for International Studies.

David’s book  
  Culling the Masses: The Democratic Origins of Racist Immigration Policy in the Americas

Through analysis of legal records from twenty-two countries between 1790 and 2010, the authors present a history of the rise and fall of racial selection in the Western Hemisphere.

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Barbarella Fokos
About Barbarella  

The author is a columnist, producer, foodie, jetsetter, lush, and raccoon worshiper.

Co-author: David Fokos

Barbarella’s book  
  Diary of a Diva: Behind the Lipstick
Whether she’s uncovering the legend of Japan’s golden butt-balls or being driven to self-harm by Cirque du Soleil, Barbarella bares all in her comical and ferociously honest stories.
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Bonny Forrest
About Bonny  
A leader in the field of child development, as a practicing attorney and a child psychologist with specialized training in pediatric neuropsychology, Dr. Bonny Forrest has vast experience in working with children in a variety of settings.
Bonny’s book  
  Will My Kid Grow Out of It?
Dr. Forrest draws on more than 20 years of experience treating and advocating for children to help worried parents sort through the health scares, contradictory information, and latest buzz terms to assess whether their child’s behavior is typical for his or her age or a sign that professional attention may be warranted.
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Online Local Author Exhibit G-H

Online Author Exhibit G-H

Local Authors, 2014, G-H

Below are the local authors published in 2014, in alphabetical order, for authors whose last name begins with G through H. Currently, the online exhibit is limited to only authors who have submitted both a photo and cover of their book. Click/select an author's name to go to their listing

Presley Garcia  |   Estelle Gibson Lauer  |   Mary E. Gilder  |   Mai-Lon Gittelshon  |   Greg Gohde  |   Corinne Goria  |   Martha Pope Gorris  |   James Greco  |   Harry Griswald  |   Ellen Gustafson  |   Annalisa Hall  |   Barbara Hamp-Weicksel  |   Judith Hand   |   Tiffany Hanson  |   Donald Harrison  |   Katie Heinz  |   Robert Hemphill  |   Marybeth Herald  |   Brandon Hernández  |   Rebecca Hicks  |   Sam Hicks  |   Martin Roy Hill  |   Kent Hinckley  |   Rowen Hinrichs  |   C.L. Hoang  |   Tom Hom  |   K.L. Huff  |   Una Nichols Hynum   

Presley Garcia
About Presley  
The author attends Horizon Prep in Rancho Santa Fe and is in the first grade.
Presley’s book  
  Presley The Gymnast
This is the story of Presley, a gymnast, who works very hard to be a winning competitive gymnast!
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Estelle Gibson Lauer
About Estelle  
The author wrote a weekly column, local history, folklore and immigrant experience for Valley Grove News in the 1970s when she was teaching English and counseling hundreds of U.S. immigrants in the San Diego Community College system. She is a tour guide in San Diego's Old Town, Parsonage Museum and Heritage of the Americas Museum.
Estelle’s book  
  Maturation Rites
When the University of the Pacific asked for alumnae memories of the institution, Gibson Lauer presented this amusing, insightful chronicle of her path to maturity set against the Cold War and lingering 19th century social mores at the (then) College of the Pacific, 1950-1954 -- a different century and, essentially, a different America.
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Mary E. Gilder
About Mary  
The author was born in San Diego. She is a graduate of Samuel Morse High School and San Diego State. Recognized by the National Association of Women, Northern CA African American Museum and Library, RED BOOK Magazine and numerous Media outlets. 
Mary’s book  
  Even A Man Can Have A Broken Heart
From author Mary E. Gilder, comes a nonfiction book that explores the complexities of love from a male's perspective. Even A Man Can Have A Broken Heart, was written as a tool to help increase our understanding of love and the way men experience heart break and loss. 
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Mai-Lon Gittelshon
About Mai-Lon  
A native Californian growing up in Oakland and Berkeley, Mai-Lon Gittelsohn now lives in Del Mar where she teaches memoir writing to seniors. She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and was an elementary school teacher in the Del Mar School District for 23 years. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Oregon’s Pacific University in June 2012.
Mai-Lon ’s book  
  Chop Suey and Apple Pie: Poems
The poems in Chop Suey and Apple Pie are rich with the sounds, smells, and tastes of a Chinese American childhood during World War II. We see her godfather who cracks an egg, lets it fry in bubbling oil, spreading out like a golden eye and her father who shelled shrimp until his hands and face swelled.
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Greg Gohde
About Greg  
The author is a musician (bassist) with a passion for cooking. He also a violin-bowmaker and local business-owner (Classic Bows Violin Shop).
Greg ’s book  
  Bass Clef Chef Family Cookbook
A collection of family recipes and stories featuring artistic comfort food. Most recipes are vegetarian. The recipes were compiled over the past two decades.
None provided.  
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Corinne Goria
About Corinne  
The author's fiction has been featured in The Silent History, The Far East Project, The San Diego Writer’s Anthology, the &Now Festival. She has practiced immigration law since 2007 and was Assistant Editor of Underground America: Narratives of Undocumented Lives (Voice of Witness, 2008).
Corinne’s book  
  Invisible Hands: Voices From the Global Economy (McSweeney's Voice of Witness, 2014)
The men and women in this oral history collection reveal the human rights abuses occurring behind the scenes of the global economy.
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Martha Pope Gorris
About Martha  
An author and speaker, Martha has a degree in English/Creative Writing from George Mason University, and is presently on the board of the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild. The Echo of Whispers is Book 2 in the War of Whispers Trilogy.
Martha’s book  
  The Echo of Whispers
Feelings of rejection seem to follow preschool teacher Lina Baklanova. No matter what she does, she feels left out, alone and vulnerable. Why is she plagued with these thoughts and feelings? Why are they so familiar? She has suffered from them all her life.
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James Greco
About James  
The author is a journalist and former attorney, e hhas lived/worked in San Diego area since 1974; worked as SD City Council aide, redevelopment executive, land planner, professor.
James’s book  
  Jerkwater Town: A Historical Novel
Jerkwater Town, a sequel to Falling Down, offers a mystery tale that interweaves historical events with the present: an investigative reporter and an unlikely partner ban together in a dangerous investigation. ...
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Harry Griswald
About Harry  
The author has led workshops in Solana Beach for over 10 years. He is active with the Idyllwild Arts Foundation.
Harry’s book  
  Just Enough Clothes
An eclectic group of 67 poems and 14 black-and-white photographs by the poet -- a "heartwarming collection." (Duff Brenna)
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Ellen Gustafson
About Ellen  
The author is the co-founder of Food Tank, the Food Think Tank and FEED, the socially-conscious fashion brand. She has given four TEDx Talks and speaks globally on food system issues.
Ellen’s book  
  We the Eaters: If We Change Dinner, We Can Change the World
Solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems are right under our noses, literally embedded in the food we put on our plates. We all have the power to improve our health, our communities, and the world from our kitchen table.
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Annalisa Hall
About Annalisa  

The author supports those who empower all to learn, grow and find joy in reading. She belongs to SCBWI. Annalisa lives in beautiful Southern California with her husband and three children.

Illustrated by Corey Egbert.

Annalisa’s book  
  I Want to Be Baptized
I Want to Be Baptized depicts what baptism means for children's lives by comparing it to objects they know and relate to. Turn to these heartwarming illustrations and meaningful analogies next time a child asks you about baptism.
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Barbara Hamp-Weicksel
About Barbara  
Local author exhibit image The author grew up in a small town in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Life brought her to San Diego where she shares her life with her family and friends.
Barbara's book  
  Be Something
Be Willing To Let Go, Be Who You Are, Don't Be A Hater. This book is filled with thoughts, photos and inspirations to help on life's journey; written in plain language from the heart of the author.
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Judith Hand 
About Judith  
The author is a scientist, novelist, speaker, peace apologist. Author of 8 books, fiction & nonfiction. Founder: A Future Without (
Judith's book  
  Shift: The Beginning of War, The Ending of War
Dr. Judith Hand uses biological, cultural, & political sciences to explain why we make war and how we can end war within two generations. An ending-war action plan requires male/female partnership.
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Tiffany Hanson
About Tiffany  
The author was born in San Diego, and she has been there ever since. She got married May 19, 2012 to her amazing husband. T. N Hayden's best friend is her personal stylist and the cover artist of Child of Prophecy. She is extremely talented, as is her husband. T. N. Hayden is a geeky, adventurous Christian girl.
Tiffany’s book  
  Mysterious Warriors: Broken
Mysterious Warriors: Broken, the exciting sequel to Mysterious Warriors: Unity. Princess Rachel and Prince Gary Naxison of Ada's Circle are now happily married, but it isn't long before tragedy strikes. Thrown into depression, Rachel and Gary have different ways to deal with the loss of their friend....
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Donald Harrison
About Donald  
The author is editor and co-publisher of the San Diego Jewish World. He also is the author of the biography: Louis Rose, San Diego's First Jewish Settler and Entrepreneur.
Donald's book  
  Schlepping Through The American West: There Is A Jewish Story Everywhere
A grandfather and grandson go on a 3,600-mile round-trip odyssey from San Diego, California to Lethbridge, Alberta, discovering Jewish stories--some of them quite unusual-- wherever they go.
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Katie Heinz
About Katie  
The author attends Horizon Prep in Rancho Santa Fe and is in the sixth grade.
Katie’s book  
  The Fairy Prom
The Fairy Prom is happening at the Queen's castle. Will fairy, Lilly, win the crown or will jealous fairy, MaKenzie, spoil it for her?
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Robert Hemphill
About Robert  
The author worked in the energy business for 35 years, at TVA, as a senior executive at global power company AES, and as CEO of Silver Ridge Power, a leading solar company. He was educated at Yale and UCLA, and in Vietnam as an infantry platoon leader. He lives in Encinitas, CA without a dog.
Robert’s book  
  Dust Tea Dingoes and Dragons
Jet lag, boardrooms and high pressure deals that’s what international business brings to mind. But there’s way more to it than that. If they served you camel hooves for dinner, and you didn’t know it until you asked, what part of the camel did you have for breakfast?
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Marybeth Herald
About Marybeth  
The author is a graduate of Harvard Law School. After a clerkship with the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Professor Herald worked as a staff attorney at Micronesian Legal Services Corporation in the Mariana Islands in the western Pacific.
Marybeth's book  
  Your Brain and Law School
Based on the latest research, this entertaining, practical guide offers law students a formula for success in school, on the bar exam, and as a practicing attorney. Mastering the law, either as a law student or in practice, becomes much easier if one has a working knowledge of the brain’s basic habits.
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Brandon Hernández
About Brandon  
Native San Diegan Brandon Hernández is an award-winning columnist for San Diego Reader, Senior Communications Specialist at Stone Brewing Co. and has consulted for Food Network and Zagat.
Brandon’s book  
  Complete Guide to San Diego Breweries - 2014/15 Edition
This critical guide to San Diego’s 130+ brewery venues offers ratings, insights and commentary from bar owners, beer judges, brewers and more, making it a reliable resource for extracting the best from the US’s foremost brewing region.
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Rebecca Hicks
About Rebecca  
The author is a writer and illustrator. She is the creator of the Little Vampires books and comic strips.
Rebecca's book  
  Once Upon a Bleh
The third printed collection of the comic strip Little Vampires for monster fans of all ages.
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Sam Hicks
About Sam  
The author attends Horizon Prep in Rancho Santa Fe and is in the first grade.
Sam’s book  
A book about the adventures of characters in a video game.
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Martin Roy Hill
About Martin  
The author has written the military mystery thriller, "The Killing Depths," the noir mystery thriller, "Empty Places," and the award-winning short story collection, "DUTY: Suspense and Mystery Stories from the Cold War and Beyond."
Martin's book  
  Eden: A Sci-Fi Novella
A sandstorm uncovers a long buried secret in the Iraqi desert, an ancient Sumerian temple dating back at least 6,000 years to the beginning of civilization. An American army patrol sent to investigate the ruins is trapped inside the temple’s eroded walls, first by an insurgent ambush then by another, even more powerful sandstorm... .
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Kent Hinckley
About Kent  
The author graduated from Stanford and served one year in Vietnam with Army Intelligence. He then worked in banking for 16 years which included five years in Taiwan and Japan. For the past two decades, he has been a real estate developer focusing on green technology.
Kent's book  
  Hearts, Minds, and Coffee, a Vietnam Peace Odyssey
Four anti-war soldiers get assigned as a recon patrol in Viet Cong territory to support a nearby Army regiment. Their superiors expect them to be killed which happened to the previous unit.
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Rowen Hinrichs
About Rowen  
The author is eleven years old and attends The Rhoades School. He wrote this book out of his own experience with bullying and learning how to resolve it.
Rowen’s book  
  The Boy with Friends
The Boy with Friends is about losing friendships because of bullying and feeling lost because of it. Through honesty about the pain and forgiveness of actions, friendships are able to be healed.
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C.L. Hoang
About C.L.  
The author was born and raised in Vietnam and came to America in the 1970s. He graduated from UC Berkeley and earns his living as an engineer.
C.L.’s book  
  Once Upon a Mulberry Field
From the jungles of Vietnam to the minefields of the heart, the book follows one man's journey of self-discovery, fraught with disillusionment and despair but ultimately redeemed by the power of love.
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Tom Hom
About Tom  
The author is a pioneer who in 1963 became the first minority ever elected to the San Diego City Council and later, this Chinese-American won a seat to the California State Assembly.
Tom’s book  
  Tom Hom: Rabbit on a Bumpy Road
Tom Hom: Rabbit on a Bumpy Road is a story of courage and endurance in meeting life’s challenges to achieve The American Dream.
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K.L. Huff
About K.L  
The author holds a degree in behavioral social science. She is married with three children, one grandson, two dogs, and a cat. After a near-death experience, her sister convinced her to write a book about faith and overcoming evil forces, hence Wings of Deliverance was born.
K.L.’s book  
  Wings of Deliverance, Rise of the Abbanites
Ancient evil lurks in this riveting paranormal romance novel that follows young Logan Deveraux as she struggles with the help of Guardian Angel Aimes Cray to understand who she really is.
None provided.  
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Una Nichols Hynum
About Una  
The author was nominated for the Pushcart Award. Member of Squaw Valley Community of Poets,published mostly locally and proud to work with some of San Diego's finest poets.Self publish a book every two years.Recent book title "At the Foot of the Staircase."
Una's book  
  At the Foot of the Staircase
A collection of poems about loving, living and dying.
None provided.
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Online Local Author Exhibit I-J

Online Author Exhibit I-J

Local Authors, 2014, I-J

Below are the local authors published in 2014, in alphabetical order, for authors whose last name begins with I through J. Currently, the online exhibit is limited to only authors who have submitted both a photo and cover of their book. Click/select an author's name to go to their listing

Inga  |   David Inglish  |   Sally John  |   Ben Johnson  |   Nancy Johnson  

About Inga  
The author has been penning pieces for newspapers and magazines for forty years. Her column, "Let Inga Tell You" has been recognized by numerous awards.
Inga's book  
  Inga Tells All: A saga of single parenthood, second marriage, surly fauna, and being mistaken for a Swedish porn star
A rollicking autobiographical account of journalist Inga's experiences with adoption, raising kids post-divorce, disastrous dates, remarriage, technology, a world-class chocolate obsession, and more.
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David Inglish
About David  
The author has inadvertently led police on a hi-speed chase, shaken hands with a bishop, jammed with Neil Young, pissed next to Bono, and been tubed in Bali. Somewhere in that time he was the keyboard player in the Voices (1988-1992) when they almost made it big.
David's book  
  Before the Flock
Before the Flock paints a piercingly insightful portrait of youthful energy and talent as it careens carelessly into the waiting jaws of the entertainment business.
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Sally John
About Sally  
Oceanside resident Sally John writes inspirational stories for women. Her twenty novels focus on relationship in family, marriage, friendship and romance.
Sally's book  
  Between Us Girls
Sometimes among strangers, family happens. Liv cares for the diverse tenants at her Casa de Vida, a San Diego group of cottages. Hopeless Jasmyn and loner Samantha find home when they’re not looking.
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Ben Johnson
About Ben  
The author is a long time San Diego musician and songwriter for several bands over the last two decades. This is his first delve into novel writing, with the sequel near completion.
Ben's book  
  A Shadow Cast in Dust
Set in San Diego's neighborhood of Golden Hill, the stories of three people thrown into a magical world are woven together toward an action packed climax!
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Nancy Johnson
About Nancy  
My mother read letters which had been written by her great, great uncles from the war. I realized that young people today do not always understand what the Civil War was like. When I retired from teaching, I decided to write books for young people so that they would understand.
Nancy's book  
  Shenandoah: Daughter of the Stars
Shenandoah tells the story of three young people who grow into adulthood in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia during the American Civil War. The main character is Hannah Yeager who learns that she must do what she believes is right.
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Online Local Author Exhibit K-L

Online Author Exhibit K-L

Local Authors, 2014, K-L

Below are the local authors published in 2014, in alphabetical order, for authors whose last name begins with K through L. Currently, the online exhibit is limited to only authors who have submitted both a photo and cover of their book. Click/select an author's name to go to their listing

Carolyn Kane-Berman  |   Jon Kanis  |   Marlise Kast-Myers  |   Lynne Kennedy  |   Milt Kogan  |   Sahana Kumar  |   Scott Kyle  |   William Lanouette  |   Bailey Lapidow  |   Janet Lapp  |   Nicasio Latasa  |   Tom Leech  |  Matt Lewis  |   C.A. Lindsay  |   Lori R. Lopez  |   Robert Love  |  

Carolyn Kane-Berman
About Carolyn  
The author attends Horizon Prep in Rancho Santa Fe and is in the sixth grade.
Carolyn's book  
  Snotty The Richest Snow Man
This is the story of Snotty, the very rich snow man, who went through a lot of changes in his life including changing his name to Snoot.
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Jon Kanis
About Jon  
The author is an award-winning, Grammy-nominated artist, producer, and musicologist whose adventures have taken him to the far reaches of the globe as a rock roll musician and journalist.
Jon's book  
  Encyclopedia Walking: Pop Culture & the Alchemy of Rock 'n' Roll
Encyclopedia Walking is the musical meditation of an artist who has spent 30 years on the front lines of rock & roll. Autobiographical, philosophical, and spiritual in nature, this is a personal exploration of how pop culture affects us all.  
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Marlise Kast-Myers
About Marlise  
The Author has contributed to over 50 publications including Forbes, Surfer, San Diego Magazine and New York Post. Her passion for traveling has taken her to 80 countries and residency in Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Spain and Costa Rica.
Marlise's book  
  Day Hikes & Overnights on the Pacific Crest Trail
Explore sections of the famous Pacific Crest Trail between the Mexican border and Los Angeles County.Travel writer Marlise Kast-Myers includes both easy day hikes and extended overnight trips. Each route is accompanied by a detailed topographical map and the book is filled with spectacular color photos.
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Lynne Kennedy
About Lynne  
With a Masters' Degree in Science and more than 28 years as a science museum director, Lynne Kennedy has had the opportunity to study history and forensic science, both of which play significant roles her novels.
Lynne's book  
  Pure Lies
Two women, separated by three centuries, are connected by a legacy of greed, depravity and deceit--a legacy which threatens to make them both victims of the Salem witch trials. 
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Milt Kogan
About Milt  
The author has spent over 40 years as an actor in Hollywood, winning over 100 roles in films and TV and appeared in over 150 comedy commercials. He is a voting member for the Oscars and the Emmys.
Milt's book  
  ACTOR/DOCTOR: An Autobiography--Part II
A young physician discovers passion in the Art of Acting, finds success in Hollywood and the luck of a wonderful marriage leads him to "pay society back" through Peace Corps service in West Africa.
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Sahana Kumar
About Sahana  
The author is a 13 year old 8th grader living in San Diego, California. She is a voracious reader whose favorite genre include fantasy fiction, mythology and biographies. What started off as a series of story telling sessions to her little sister turned into the "Cae of Mystic Dreams".
Sahana's book  
  Cave of Mystic Dreams
Armed with little more than their unusual talents and keen intellects, the three young friends have a surprising amount of acumen and fortitude to forge ahead even when confronted with seemingly impossible tests and challenges.
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Scott Kyle 
About Scott  
The author serves as CEO and Chief Investment Officer for Coastwise Capital Group, LLC - a boutique money management firm specializing in separate accounts for high net worth individuals, families, and institutions worldwide.
Scott's book  
  Forever Young
Forever Young is a fresh, fast paced romance adventure that reads like a Hollywood movie. Part Da Vinci Code, part National Treasure and part Indiana Jones. Forever Young delves deep into issues of love, morality, greed, and the universal quest for eternal youth. 
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William Lanouette
About William  
Writer: Newsweek, The National Observer, The Atlantic, The Economist, Scientific American, and Smithsonian. Senior Analyst: US Government Accountability Office.
William’s book  
  Genius in the Shadows: A Biography of Leo Szilard, the Man Behind the Bomb
A physicist, biologist, and arms-control activist, Szilard invented the nuclear chain reaction, helped found the Salk Institute (where he was a fellow), and strove to ban the A-bombs he helped create.
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Bailey Lapidow
About Bailey  
The author attends The Rhoades School and is in the fifth grade. This is her third published book.
Bailey’s book  
The Girl Who Painted the Future
Emily Parker is a fantastic artist who loves to draw. Emily hears about an art contest on the radio and wants to enter but can't think of what to draw. Will she figure out what to draw? Will she win the contest?
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Janet Lapp
About Janet  
The author was a Registered Nurse before receiving a PhD in Clinical Psychology from McGill University, Montréal. After retiring from a clinical practice and university career, she founded a consulting group that has created transformational change in organizations around the world.
Janet’s book  
The Four Elements of Transformation: How to Create Radical and Sustainable Change
This system uses natural laws to explain why human change needs to be adopted in a specific order. Many change programs fail because they try to expand before building a specific foundation. The foundation includes three fundamental elements: authenticity, order and energy and concludes with the fourth element: expansion.
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Nicasio Latasa
About Nicasio  
The author is a native Southern Californian who has lived in Oceanside for most of his life. He graduated from El Camino High School and went on to Cal State San Marcos where he earned a degree in Writing/Literature. In 2003 Nicasio self-published a book of poetry called, Seasons of Silence.
Nicasio’s book  
The Days Go So Slow
Curren is an anomaly of sorts, part loner and part star athlete about to graduate from college. His options are set, either enter law school or go into professional baseball. Success is almost certain, but Curren feels forced down both roads.
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Tom Leech
About Tom  

As a longtime presentations coach, seminar leader and conference speaker, Tom Leech helps organizations sharpen presentations skills and success. His poems have appeared in various publications including San Diego Magazine, the Garrett Clipper (his hometown paper), The Guild Anthology (San Diego Writers & Editors Guild, 2012, 2013) and Heart of Christmas anthology.

Co-author: Leslie Johnson-Leech

Tom’s book  
The Curious Adventures of Santa's Wayward Elves
Every Christmas Eve Santa’s job is to deliver presents to the good little boys and girls. Up at Santa’s North Pole shop, two of his worker bees -- Zoppo and Sheenette -- are curious about what Santa’s up to out there on his long rides. So they decide to find out for themselves.
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Matt Lewis
About Matt  

The editor Matt Lewis is a writer and the editor of The Radvocate, a literary arts magazine, and a producer for the non-profit So Say We All. He graduated from Cal State San Marcos with a B.A. in Literature & Writing in 2009. He lives and eats burritos in San Diego, California.

Co-editor: Keith McCleary

Matt's book  
  States of Terror Vol 1
At the intersection of cryptozoology and folklore, the legendary local monster finds its place in the American landscape; feared and desired, hunter and hunted, unbelievable but believed.
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C.A. Lindsay
About C.A.  
The author has been a writer-photographer since the 1970s for various papers and magazines, is also an award winning poet for short stories and essays. Her award-winning poetry has been purchased by literary magazines (Old Hickory Review, The Kit-Cat Review) as well as commercial publications (Leatherneck, Magazine of the Marines, USA Today).
C.A.'s book  
Taste of Old Wine
Dr. Candice Harris, daughter of an international corporate mogul and his Boston socialite wife, confronts both corporate and political fraud and, as a result, loses her defense engineering job. Candice then works as a European reporter for the Harris newspaper as she penetrates the international political machine.
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Lori R. Lopez
About Lori  
The author wears many hats including Author, Artist, Poet, Songwriter and more. She writes books, stories, verse and a poetry column.
Lori's book  
Poetic Reflections: The Queen of Hats
A collection of very unusual verse, ranging from wacky to dark to narrative. Lori R. Lopez writes her own way, whether poetry or prose. This book contains both in an odd yet artful balance.
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Robert Love
About Robert  
The author has worked as a biochemist in San Diego for many years. His publications are usually technical in nature, but sometimes he writes fiction, especially magic realism.
Robert’s book  
The Vinyl Enigma
An extraterrestrial artifact, looking like a phonograph record but playing an endless amount of its owner's favorite music, has been discovered in London, with profound implications for human history.
None provided.
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Online Local Author Exhibit M-N

Online Author Exhibit M-N

Local author exhibit image

Local Authors, 2014, M-N

Below are the local authors published in 2014, in alphabetical order, for authors whose last name begins with M through N. Currently, the online exhibit is limited to only authors who have submitted both a photo and cover of their book. Click/select an author's name to go to their listing.

Daniel Marciano  |   Paula Margulies  |   Leadley Maxwell  |   Zachary Mazzola  |   Owen Mazzola  |   O.H. (Mac) McClelland  |   Deborah McDade  |   Hilary Paul McGuire  |   Tamara Merrill  |   Danielle Mills  |   Jan Moran  |   Karl Morgan  |  

Daniel Marciano
About Daniel  
See the author's online profile at:
Daniel’s book  
  Thomas Blasts Off
A boy and his dog overcome opposition to achieve his dreams!.
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Paula Margulies
About Paula  
The Author is the owner of Paula Margulies Communications, a public relations firm for authors and artists. She has been awarded artist residencies at Caldera, Red Cinder Artist Colony, the Vermont Studio Center, and Centrum. Paula resides in San Diego, California. For more information, please visit
Paula’s book  
  Favorite Daughter, Part One
Set in the time of the Jamestown settlement and the English explorer John Smith, Favorite Daughter, Part One recounts the story of Chief Powhatan's daughter, Pocahontas, as she prepares to take her place as one of our nation's earliest leading women. Pocahontas invites readers to experience her native world when strangers appear on the shores near her village. 
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Leadley Maxwell
About Leadley  
Maxwell Leadley attends The Nativity School and is in the second grade.
Leadley’s book  
  Knight's Apprentice
This is an adventure story about a King & Queen and the King's apprentice who he commissioned to protect them.
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Owen Mazzola
About Zachary  
The author attends Francis Parker School and is in the second grade. His twin brother, Zachary, is also a budding author.
Owen’s book  
  The Cruise
This is a story about Owen and his adventures on a cruise with his friend, Max.
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Zachary Mazzola
About Zachary   
The author attends Francis Parker School and is in the second grade. His twin brother, Owen, is also a budding author.
Owen’s book  
  Adventures of the Island
This story is about a boy named Zang who tries to survive on an island after many storms. Eventually he is joined by a friend on the island and Zang's life becomes much happier.
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O.H. (Mac) McClelland
About (Mac)  
The Author was born in March 1931 during a harsh Kansas snow blizzard. From his humble beginnings as a Kansas farmer, he was called into the Marine Corps during the Korean War, where he proudly served, flying jets and helicopters and inherited his nickname "Mac". Years later as a civilian, he added yet another career in real estate sales combined with property management. 
Mac’s book  
  Wild Horse Hunters
A modern day western of the dilemma faced by the Bureau of Land Management regarding the problem of the numerous wild horse herds that roam the west. With no natural enemies, wild horses greatly propagate diminishing their food supply. This combined with inbreeding threatens the survivability of the wild horses. 
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Deborah McDade
About Deborahi  
Antique Store Owner, Paralegal, Teacher, Cook, Decorator, Family Member, Friend, Dog Owner, Event Speaker & Author . I love to write. Enjoy!
Deborah’s book  
  Bluebirds Among the Whirlwinds
A young society woman follows her heart, only to find the winds of misfortune blow away her fleeting moments of happiness as the curtain lifts on star-crossed romance, mysterious tragedy and a mad, enduring love. 
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Hilary Paul McGuire
About Hilary  
The author is a long-time San Diego math teacher and tennis coach. He has won awards for his antique iron sculptures and songs about his native Oklahoma.
Hilary’s book  
  Homeboys in College
This 30th Anniversary edition, tells the story of San Diego Chicano gang members who were the first homeboys to attend college in the 1980s. It includes a 2014 update with remarkable success stories.
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Tamara Merrill
About Tamara   
The Author is a true left brain/right brain woman. She excels at most anything crafty and is considered a talented teacher of both computer skills and painting. During her lifetime she has tried a bit of everything and now Tamara has stopped reading excessively (she admits to a book a day habit) and has begun writing again. 
Tamara’s book  
  Family Lies
The almighty Augustus family is rich, socially prominent, and hiding their secrets. Not just the current generations secrets but also secrets from the past. In 1937, as the war approaches, the protected world of family is changing and the secrets they are keeping threaten to spill out of the family and on to the gossip pages. 
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Danielle Mills
About Danielle  
Danielle Soucy Mills grew up in Massachusetts in a small city by the sea. Like Tina, she started gymnastics on the furniture in her home. She has since been involved with the sport for over 20 years, as a competitor and as a coach. At Rhode Island College, Danielle exercised both her writing and gymnastics abilities before moving to California to earn her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Chapman University. 
Danielle’s book  
  Tina Tumbles
After watching gymnasts flip across the T.V. screen, Tina wants to do nothing but gymnastics at all hours of the day. But Tina learns that even a cartwheel is not as easy as it looks. She just can't land on her feet. Now it's time for her first gymnastics lesson. Will Tina gain the confidence she needs to complete the skill without falling?
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Jan Moran
About Jan  
Jan Moran writes historical fiction for St. Martin's Press (Scent of Triumph, March 2015), stylish contemporary fiction, and nonfiction. She is a graduate of Harvard Business School..
Jan’s book  
"There's always an ugly side to beauty." Verena Valent is struggling at the helm of her family's legendary skincare company in Beverly Hills. Will she get a second chance in business, or in love?
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Karl Morgan
About Karl  
Avid reader and writer of science fiction, fantasy and spiritually themed novels. Author of the Dave Brewster, Heartstone, and Modern Prophets series of books.
Karl’s book  
  Two Doors
"A young man moves to New York to build a life and finds himself caught between the ultimate forces of good and evil. The future of mankind is in Peter's hands.
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Online Local Author Exhibit O-P

Online Author Exhibit O-P

These author profiles are currently being updated. 

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Local Authors, 2014, O-P

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2014 Published Local Author Brochure


Online Local Author Exhibit Q-R

Online Author Exhibit Q-R

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Local Authors, 2014, Q-R

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2014 Published Local Author Brochure


Online Local Author Exhibit S-T

Online Author Exhibit S-T

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Local Authors, 2014, S-T

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2014 Published Local Author Brochure


Online Local Author Exhibit U-Z

Online Author Exhibit U-Z

These author profiles are currently being updated. 

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Local Authors, 2014, U-Z


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2014 Published Local Authors Brochure


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the Local Author Program?

A.  It is an annual Program open to present San Diego County residents who published a book in the current year. Qualified participants must currently reside within zip codes 91901-92199. 

Q.  What is the goal of the Local Author Program?

A.  The San Diego Public Library sponsors the Local Author Program to nurture and foster local writing and talent in the Greater San Diego area.

Q.  When and where is the Program held?

A.  The Program will be on display in the Dickinson Popular Library of the San Diego Central Library @ Joan Λ Irwin Jacobs Common through the month of February 2015. A private preview reception is held to honor participating authors. Authors may bring one (1) guest to the reception. Dress code is business casual.

Q.  How many books am I allowed to submit? How many copies do you need?

A.  Please submit only one (1) book per author.  We need only one copy.

Q. May chapbooks, pamphlets and individual chapters by local authors be submitted?

Except for poetry chapbooks, only books with proper bookbinding may be submitted.  Books must look like books.  No pamphlets, brochures or stapled material can be accepted.

Q.  I just heard about the Program but my book was published before 2014.

A.  We’ll accept books published the year before (in 2013) that missed the call for submissions deadline.  Books published before 2013 do not qualify.

Q.  What is the Online Exhibit?

A.  The Online Exhibit showcases authors and their information throughout the year including books, photos, publishers and bios. It opens at the same time as the live Exhibit in February, and closes in December.

Q.  Can I submit an ebook?

A. eBooks are accepted as long as they were published in the current year. For display purposes, please submit two (2) versions of the book cover image. Both versions should be high-quality, digital images in portrait layout (not landscape):

      1) Size:  418px X 450px with 96 dpi resolution

      2) Size:  72px X 108px with 96 dpi resolution

Optional: You may add a black background to your image to meet the size specifications.

Q.  My book is in both print and ebook format. Which do you prefer?

A.  Please register and submit only the print edition.

Q.  How do I participate in the Program?

A.  The general call to authors for submission goes out in September every year. All correspondence is done electronically. 

Q.  What is the deadline to enter the Local Author Program?

A.  Registration must be completed and books received by Sunday, November 30, 2014.

Q.  Can self-published materials be submitted?

 A.  Yes. The Program reflects the diversity of the publishing world.

Q.  What happens to the books submitted for the Program?

A.  All submissions to the Program become non-returnable gifts to the San Diego Public Library and are reviewed by librarians for possible inclusion in the collection in accordance with library collection guidelines.   eBooks cannot be added unless they are available through the library’s digital format vendor.

Q.  What happens to books not accepted into the San Diego Public Library collection?

Books not added to the collection after review will be placed in a special Local Author area in the Dickinson Popular Library for check out by the public for one (1) year.



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